Sydney activists urge action on Honduras

26 Mar

‘Sydney Says no to Honduras’, a webpage maintained by two Sydney activists concerned about the situation in Honduras, has documented some possible actions that individuals can do. Their suggestions include writing letters to politicians and replying to mainstream media on reports from Honduras.

In their current action, they have started a letter-writing campaign which will expire by 15 April.  In this letter, they have demanded the current government to allow independent investigators to conduct human rights violations in the country during the coup; to try the human rights abusers in an impartial court; as well as make reparations to victims and their families amongst other recommendations.

Their calls to investigate human rights abuses have also been made by international human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW). [Refer to these links for the documented human rights abuses that this blog has posted on]. For instance, HRW has called for investigations on the murder of LGBT activists; attacks on coup opponents and  journalists.


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