Alice Walker on Rwanda, East Congo and Palestine

14 Apr

Democracy Now! has interviewed Alice Walker, a Pulitzer Prize winning, poet, author and activist on her latest book, ‘Overcoming Speechlessness’ tracing the human rights atrocities inflicted on women and children from Rwanda to East Congo and Palestine.

In the interview, Walker talks about the need to overcome speechlessness when people are scarred into silence about the horrible atrocities that have been committed over the centuries. What was particularly insightful was her support for restorative justice and a one-state solution in Israel/Palestine. Specifically on the need for a one-state solution, she said that American’s tax payers’ money that has gone into building the Israeli settlements should also be utilised by the Palestinians whose lands have been stolen from them:

‘… Oh, the one-state solution. Yes, I do. I mean, when I think about my tax money, and I think about, well, you know, given that I’ve already given, and we as a country have given over a trillion dollars to Israel in the last—since, I don’t know, ‘48 or something, but a lot of money that we could have used here, where would I be happiest to see, you know, my money spent? Well, I would be happy seeing my money spent for all the people who live in Palestine. And that means that, you know, the Palestinians who are forced out of their houses, forced off of their land, should come back and share the land, all of it, including the settlements. You know, if I am going to be asked to help pay for settlements, I would like to be, you know, permitted to say who gets to live in them. And I would like the women and children, the Palestinian women and children that I saw, I would like to say—take them by hand and say, “You know what? Look at this. We built this for you. You’re home now.”…’

Watch Alice Walker relate her experience as she was filmed in Gaza on Democracy Now!


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