Spot the Prime Minister of Singapore… …

14 Apr

The Prime Minister of Singapore has been spotted in the above picture, smiling in between what appears to be a delightful conversation between U.S. Present Barack Obama and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. This is despite the entire Al Jazeera article omitting any references about the Singapore government. Not that there is anything ground-breaking or revealing. Nevertheless, Channel News Asia has reported that the Prime Minister of Singapore whose attendance at the event, included meetings and tea sessions with U.S. senators. Furthermore, Mr Lee is also reported to be supporting the notion of a nuclear free ASEAN. Having said that, the report also quote commentators that are urging the Mr Lee to push for the ‘peaceful use of nuclear energy’ worldwide.

It therefore appears that the official message that we have gotten from the summit can be summed up simply as follows:

States that possess nuclear weapons are acceptable only if they have been  approved by the major powers. And that does not include Iran though we will look the other way for certain states. Nuclear energy is acceptable for energy security despite the environmental concerns that have been voiced by critics over the years.

Sounds like this is just  one of those inter-governmental conferences for photo-ops … …


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