Silent Spring 2010 – only this time, its a rubber duck.

17 Apr

According to Canadian environmentalists, Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie, who wrote the book, ‘Slow Death by Rubber Duck’, modern daily life is constantly innundated with chemical pollution from within the household. To test their theory,  they ‘sat in rooms breathing in air contaminated by furniture stain remover, repeatedly brushed their teeth and ate tins of tuna’ The result: ‘Blood and urine tests showed their bodies soaking up disturbing amounts of chemicals’.

This latest attack against the chemical sector is nothing new, dating back to Rachael Carson’s cautionary tale on the prevalence of pesticides and insecticides in her book, ‘Silent Spring’, which has sometimes been defined as a bible that launched the modern environmental movement. In Silent Spring, Carson reveals  the poisoning caused by pesticides that are sprayed liberally not just in farms but also in suburban lawns. She also mentions the dangers of toxic accumulation that could be triggered off by unforeseeable circumstances.

You can now read two excerpts from:

1. the official Australian/ New Zealand book site

2. the Globe and Mail. This excerpt has also been archived in our Opinion Page.


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