Animal Farm Reviewed

28 Apr

Christopher Hitchens has reviewed George Orwell’s Animal Farm for Guardian in which he situates how the story was written and shunned by both the left and the right. As a fable, Hitchen traces its parallels with the political figures and class of its time:

‘… Boxer the noble horse as the embodiment of the working class, Moses the raven as the Russian Orthodox church – as are the identifiable individuals played by different pigs. The rivalry between Napoleon (Stalin) and Snowball (Trotsky) ends with Snowball’s exile and the subsequent attempt to erase him from the memory of the farm…’

Th book which was critical of Moscow was however rejected by the left. Even the Ministry of Information in England, Peter Smollet, stepped in and warned the major publishers not to touch it. Lucky for us, Orwell sold it to a small publisher in a limited edition print run for 45 pounds.

Despite the passing of time, the book remains banned in various authoritarian regimes. This is a testament to its timelessness, which Hitchens has deemed, ‘even transcendent, quality to this little story’.

Read Christopher Hitchen’s review of Animal Farm in The Guardian (or the archive in Opinions page).


One Response to “Animal Farm Reviewed”

  1. roger matthews April 29, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

    I do like the new layout. Charles maybe its because yellow is my fav colour 🙂 Hitchens is always entertaining but often on TV looks like he has been snorting coke 🙂 Both Animal farm and 1984 are as relevant or even more so now than when they were written. The sad and even scary thing is that just about everything about 1984 has happend and in many cases far far worse than was predicted and to think my dad fought against facisim 😦 p.s. you can sort out the spelling 🙂

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