Obama, CIA & Assassination

7 May

While Bush’s war on terror has often been criticised by liberals for its unilateralism and cowboy-style-guns-a-blazing, I wonder how many Obama supporters will react to this recent expose – that the current administration is continuing with CIA practice to use spy drones to target suspected terrorists in Pakistan even if their full identities are unknown. In brief, this means, assassinating people who might be innocent.

Earlier last month, the French admitted to ‘accidentally’ killing a relative of an Afghan MP and 4 other civilians. The same BBC article pointed out that while the French were sorry for the incident, they claimed the Taliban aka the enemy has more blood on their hands.

This retort, it seems, goes like this: as long as the West has less casualties incurred on their side, the current situation is acceptable. In their quest to destroy the terrorists, the West is quite happy to carry out killings, even if those killed were only ‘suspected’ of being one  or innocent civilians (who might happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time). On the other hand, it is even more outrageous that Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, has shown no inclination to reverse this Bush era order.

Even if the media has managed to desensitise most of the public to the extent that it thinks these killings are unavoidable, there must be something defective about our moral compass if we think this latest revelation is an acceptable CIA tactic.

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