NTEU – UNSW staff stood down

10 Jul

SMH has reported that National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) staff in UNSW who have gone ahead with a results ban would be stood down i.e. their pay would be docked from the time when the industrial action began. As many as 70 teachers and academics have been known to be affected. According to the news report, NTEU believes that the university is trying to ‘weaken its hold over working conditions and reduce staff participation in important decisions’. If the action persists, it is likely that many courses would be affected when the university resumes in a few weeks time.

In the NTEU fact sheet explaining the results ban (accessed from the NTEU – UNSW site), UNSW remains the only major Australian university to have dragged on with any forms of negotiations. Important issues such as improving working conditions for casual and permanent staff, parental leave and career development provisions remain unsettled. The results ban which starts from 30 June means union staff will withhold transmitting results to the university. As such, grades and results marked by these lecturers and processed by staff will not be entered into university’s computers and records.

Two facebook group and page have been created to support the action.

The ‘UNSW Law Students support our lecturers’ group has more than 400 members whom are ‘opposed to the bullying approach to management by the UNSW Vice-Chancellor in standing down our lecturers who are participating in the current industrial action’.

Based on the comments posted on this site, students are outraged and disappointed by the UNSW action. One student wrote,

‘If there is one thing that we social science students learn is to analyse before making a choice, to avoid punitive decisions. The stand down is absurd as it is pathetic, and punitive to say the least. If there is someone to blame it should not be our lecturers, perhaps the board should look into a mirror’.

Another lamented,

‘The spin-doctoring from Joan Cooper has bordered on ridiculous for 3 months… now. You would think the university are the victims here .. HA! There are two groups of victims. One being the students. The other being the lecturers who are forced to cram in class preparation and post-class evaluation into a tiny window because of their research hour requirements’.

The other facebook page, ‘I support UNSW Staff – time for a new agreement’ has also explained that the bans are aimed at the university and not the students.

UNSW students are also encouraged to email Vice-Chancellor, Fred Hilmer, urging him and the university ‘to pick up its act’.


One Response to “NTEU – UNSW staff stood down”

  1. Stood down lecturer July 11, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    Thanks Charles for reporting on this – looks like we are gaining support which is good to hear.

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