Students support stood down UNSW staff

18 Jul

Since the last blog post on UNSW staff being stood down, there appears to be growing support from the students.

Another facebook group, ‘UNSW Arts and Social Science faculty students support their lecturer’ has been created. More than 600 former and current students have joined the group while a letter is being circulated to be forwarded to Fred Hilmer, the Vice-Chancellor of UNSW. The ‘UNSW Law Students support our lecturers’ facebook group has also sent a similar letter as the group has grown to include more than 700 members.

The student representative council is also holding a rally in the university’s Science Lawn on Tuesday from noon to 1pm ‘to show that students are behind the staff and will support them in the fight for quality education’. Two confirmed speakers are Susan Price, the President of the NTEU UNSW branch and John Kaye, Greens MP, former NTEU member at UNSW and current NSW Greens spokesperson for education. About 400 students and staff have indicated in the facebook event that they would be attending the protest.

Poster for 'UNSW students supporting stood down lecturers' rally


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