NSW Climate Camp 2010

6 Dec

According to this SMH report, 67 people have been arrested in NSW, near Muswellbrook at ”Climate Camp” for offences ‘related to anti-social or criminal behaviour’.

This view was substantiated by the journalist who described the protestors as unruly while they ‘knocked over a fence… and chained themselves to the power station’s railway track, used to transport coal’. Such biased reporting gives the inaccurate impression that the protestors were breaking the law on purpose and out to sabotage property.

On the contrary, the demonstrators were making a point on climate change.

According to the Climate Camp 2010 organisers, the current Bayswater power station was targeted because it is the ‘equal single largest source of CO2 emissions in the nation’. A new power station proposed in the same site, Bayswater B, would also have a similar size and emissions as the existing station.

In its press release, protestors claim that they are willing to negotiate with the Police and will ‘remove themselves from the train tracks on the condition that The NSW Premier Kristina Keneally withdraw the ‘Bayswater B’ proposal, commit to no new coal in NSW and begin a transition to renewable energy immediately’. Their action have also prevented trains from entering the power station through the tracks since yesterday morning.

Watch the video of the protest:

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