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A letter to BBC – Air the fund-raising Gaza Appeal

24 Jan

Dear person-in-charge,

I am appalled to learn from Al Jazeera that BBC, along with other British broadcasters such as ITV and Sky has decided not to take part in the television fund- raising appeal for Gaza organised by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).
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Neoliberalism effects on Baltic Europe

20 Jan

Even the mainstream newswires are conceding that the post-soviet EU countries are beginning to witness wide-spread social unrest due to peoples’ growing disenchantment with the economic recession. Continue reading

Financial Crisis 2008 – Aid & Taxation

4 Dec

The UN conference on Financing for Development (28 November – 2 December) has once again sparked a debate on the urgency to providing aid to the global poor.

In its statement, ‘Fears grow that rich countries are set to turn their backs on global poor’, Oxfam is urging the rich countries not to reduce or stop its efforts in achieving the Millennium Development Goals of alleviating poverty in the South as the financial crisis unfolds. According to the statement, the World Bank (WB) has estimated that as many as 40 million people will become ‘poor’ as a result of the economic meltdown.
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UK High Court

1 Sep

This is just a quick link to Andy Worthington’s blog and an article he has written on the current court case in the UK regarding the torture victim Binyam Mohammed. Take some time to read the post, and especially the comments at the end from a US veteran.

High Court rules against US and UK

Is the War on Drugs failing?

16 Aug

Former director of the UK Anti-Drug Co-Ordination Unit, Julian Critchley, has publicly said that drugs should be decriminalised. Claiming that his opinion was also favoured by other experts, he argued that,

minimising harm through a draconian legal policy [has not worked]. It is now clear that enforcement and supply-side interventions are largely pointless.

In his commentary, ‘The Case is Overwhelming, All Experts Agree: Legalize Drugs’, Julian also maintained that ‘the benefits to society of the fall in crime as a result of legalisation would be dramatic’. Continue reading

Why the cluster won’t go away.

15 Aug

This blog has called for the Singapore government to stop the production and sale of cluster munitions because it is aware of its devastating effects, especially against civilians. In the recent conflict between Georgia and Russia, Human Rights Watch reported the use of cluster bombs by Russian aircrafts in populated areas of Georgia, ‘killing at least 11 civilians and injuring dozens’.

According to the human rights NGO,

Russian aircraft dropped RBK-250 cluster bombs, each containing 30 PTAB 2.5M submunitions, on the town of Ruisi in the Kareli district of Georgia on August 12, 2008. Three civilians were killed and five wounded in the attack. On the same day, a cluster strike in the center of the town of Gori killed at least eight civilians and injured dozens… Continue reading

Assault on Armenian pro-democracy activists

2 Jul

According to an online blog link from a World Movement for Democracy e-mailer, another pro-democracy activist has been physically assaulted in Armenia, Yerevan.

The most recent case involved Narek Hovakimyan, a 19 year old freshman, belonging to the youth movement of Hirma, and from the Yerevan State University, being beaten up by unknown assailants.

Similar cases in which activists were physically attacked have been documented for the past two years. On 28 May this year, another youth activist, Arsen Kharatyan was also physically battered in Yerevan. The 20-year-old Narek Galstyan, leader of the youth wing of the opposition Social- Democratic Hnchakyan Party, was also viciously bashed up on November 15 last year. Two days prior to the incident, Narek Galstyan and another activist were detained by the police for ‘posting leaflets critical of the Prime Minister Serge Sarkisian’.

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