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Why are they persecuting Wikileaks frontman, Julian Assange?

26 Oct

According to this New York Times report, Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange is on the run. Wanted by the U.S. government for the 1917 Espionage Act and facing sexual assault charges by the Swedish government, he believes he has also lost the possibility of refuge in other countries such as Britain and Iceland which are likely to hand him over to the Americans. Even Australia, where he was born, will do the same. In a reported conversation with an Australian senior official, the latter said, “You play outside the rules, and you will be dealt with outside the rules.”

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A self-serving insider perspective of wikileaks?

24 Oct

In an opinion piece for Al Jazeera, Grenier, a retired CIA veteran suggests that the recent wikileaks reveals few surprises. Furthermore, the greatest potential harm lies in promoting ‘tendentious interpretations’ i.e. a particular viewpoint or cause that is especially controversial. Continue reading

Israeli attack on Gaza Flotilla condemned by UN Mission

26 Sep

A UN mission, established under the mandate of the Human Rights Council to look into the Israeli attack on the Gaza Flotilla earlier this year, has released a report condemning the former for violating various international human rights and humanitarian law during the interception and detention of passengers in Israel.
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Israel’s history of attacks against overseas activists

1 Jun

Is it of any surprise that Israel’s military has conducted a commando-style attack against Gaza Freedom Flotilla activists? Continue reading

Obama, CIA & Assassination

7 May

While Bush’s war on terror has often been criticised by liberals for its unilateralism and cowboy-style-guns-a-blazing, I wonder how many Obama supporters will react to this recent expose – that the current administration is continuing with CIA practice to use spy drones to target suspected terrorists in Pakistan even if their full identities are unknown. In brief, this means, assassinating people who might be innocent. Continue reading

Alice Walker on Rwanda, East Congo and Palestine

14 Apr

Democracy Now! has interviewed Alice Walker, a Pulitzer Prize winning, poet, author and activist on her latest book, ‘Overcoming Speechlessness’ tracing the human rights atrocities inflicted on women and children from Rwanda to East Congo and Palestine. Continue reading

USAID in Palestine – a form of neoliberalism?

28 Mar

According to Nour Odeh who wrote for Al Jazeera, USAID is planning to inject $153 million dollars into West Bank infrastructure projects this year. This is a significant increase from 2009’s $65 million dollars. Furthermore, since 1993, the US agency has pumped in $2.9 billion dollars into the Occupied Territories. These aid has gone into various sectors including youth and education; democracy and governance and trade and economic development. Continue reading