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National security, public interest, Manning, Assange and Wikileaks

11 Dec

National security is usually an overriding reason given by governments to suppress information or persecute those who choose to release these information to the public. Yet, when it comes to defining national security, most officials would have a difficult time, trying to justify the need to classify these information as confidential.

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NSW Climate Camp 2010

6 Dec

According to this SMH report, 67 people have been arrested in NSW, near Muswellbrook at ”Climate Camp” for offences ‘related to anti-social or criminal behaviour’.

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A slice of history: SGX – ASX… Singtel – Optus

2 Nov

The recent kerfuffle over Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) bid to take over the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is not unsurprising. Continue reading

Barangaroo and overdevelopment?

1 Aug

The mainstream media has not really picked up on this yet but it is perhaps worth mentioning on this blog how large-scale development projects can cause the local community to sit up and demand for greater public participation. Continue reading

The 3rd anniversary of the NT Intervention

20 Jun

According to Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) website, the Australian government is introducing a new federal legislation that would ‘entrench racial discrimination and continue the hardships being felt under the NT Intervention’. Continue reading

Exploitation of migrant workers – not just an Australian problem

12 Feb

The Australian Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) would be releasing a report next week criticising the current government for its temporary work visa 457 scheme. According to a Sydney Morning Herald news article, the union claimed that, Continue reading

Singapore GLCs political donations to Australia’s political parties

2 Feb

The Political Donations Act in Singapore prohibits political groups and politicians from accepting foreign funding. The purpose of this legislation is ‘to prevent foreign groups from interfering in domestic politics’. Continue reading