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Multilateralism in Cancun? Who are we deceiving?

18 Dec

Unlike the Copenhagen Summit last year, COP 16 or the 16th Session of the Conference of the Parties in Mexico, Cancun, has occurred with less media attention. Perhaps the pathetic agreements achieved in the last conference had diminished public expectations and soured hopes of a possible breakthrough for this year.

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NSW Climate Camp 2010

6 Dec

According to this SMH report, 67 people have been arrested in NSW, near Muswellbrook at ”Climate Camp” for offences ‘related to anti-social or criminal behaviour’.

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What retards action on climate change?

1 Feb

What makes governments, scientists and people believe or act on climate change? This is a question that is as polarised as the vigorous debates between advocates and sceptics of climate change.
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A diversified climate movement?

9 Jan

This reply was written in response to an article, ‘The Dead End of Climate Justice’ published in Counterpunch. Below is the email which I have sent to the authors.

Dear Mr Simons and Mr Tonak,

In response to your opinion piece, ‘The Dead End of Climate Justice’, published in Counterpunch, I would like to comment on some of your criticisms against the climate movement and its proposed solutions.

First, you claimed that climate debt is problematic since it serves as a backdoor for the corporations in the North to engage in green capitalist investment ventures into the South. The Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs) was cited as an example. In your article, you also claimed that the monetisation of carbon dioxide or CO2 is antithetical to the premise of antiglobalisation movement.

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Sydney Walk Against Warming 09

12 Dec

According to the AFP, as many as 50,000 people had taken to the streets Australian-wide for Walk Against Warming. In Sydney, the organisers estimated that at least 15,000 turned up at Martin Place for the protest.

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Debunking Singapore’s government claims on climate change action – is a target of 16 percent reduction good enough?

3 Dec

As the Singapore mainstream media announced the government’s decision to reduce its carbon emission by 16 percent below ‘business as usual’ levels by 2020,  the public is conned into believing that the PAP is doing something to combat or alleviate the effects of climate change. Here are seven  contradictions that informs the reader on what is exactly missing in mainstream reports. This is the other side of the story that the Straits Times and TODAY fail to tell you.
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International law & climate change

22 Nov

Would political leaders convening at Copenhagen be able to produce an international convention that will be able to combat climate change? According to Professor Gerry Simpson, this  question fundamentally concerns our faith in international law. Continue reading