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Thoughts about biodiversity

17 Aug

Statistics can often heighten the sense of danger. Excerpts of a speech by the secretary-general of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Ahmed Djoghlaf (published by Guardian), can jolt us into understanding the magnitude of environmental destruction that modern industralised/ capitalistic societies can impact upon.

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Singapore – worst polluter per capita

10 May

According to a recent study, Singapore is ranked the worst for its environmental impact on a per capita basis. Published at PLos One, the research studies 228 countries based on ‘natural forest loss, habitat conversion, marine captures, fertilizer use, water pollution, carbon emissions and species threat’.

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Environmental historical facts in USA – 40th Earth Day (USA)

21 Apr

Interesting environmental facts in America (source: Mother Nature Network; edited with additional links) Continue reading

Silent Spring 2010 – only this time, its a rubber duck.

17 Apr

According to Canadian environmentalists, Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie, who wrote the book, ‘Slow Death by Rubber Duck’, modern daily life is constantly innundated with chemical pollution from within the household. To test their theory,  they ‘sat in rooms breathing in air contaminated by furniture stain remover, repeatedly brushed their teeth and ate tins of tuna’ The result: ‘Blood and urine tests showed their bodies soaking up disturbing amounts of chemicals’. Continue reading

Environmental – Activist – Hollywood – Celebrities

13 Apr

Director James Cameron who directed Avatar has urged the Brazilian President, Lula, to halt the construction of an $11 billion Belo Monte hydroelectric dam. The project is predicted to be the world’s third-largest of its kind and has been opposed by environmentalists who says the dam would destroy biodiversity and the livelihoods of 40,000 people who live around it. Continue reading