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A self-serving insider perspective of wikileaks?

24 Oct

In an opinion piece for Al Jazeera, Grenier, a retired CIA veteran suggests that the recent wikileaks reveals few surprises. Furthermore, the greatest potential harm lies in promoting ‘tendentious interpretations’ i.e. a particular viewpoint or cause that is especially controversial. Continue reading

1000 days and still counting

15 Mar

I thought this was an excellent piece by an Al Jazeera correspondent on the situation in Gaza. Even with the UN endorsement of the Goldstone report, which only limits itself to the 2008/9 invasion, there remains something much more dire that has since escaped international attention. It is the state of Israel’s economic blockade that is slowly but surely killing the lives and dreams of ordinary civilians in Gaza.  Continue reading

Does Goh knows his international relations 101?

8 Aug

Singapore Senior Minister, MR Goh Chok Tong was quoted at the inaugural Asia-Middle East Media Roundtable that this is currently a good time for the former to expand its trade and cultural relations in the Middle East (instead of viewing it as a place for sourcing energy and exploiting its oil-fields).

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Obama, the (ongoing) war president

10 Apr

When America voted Obama as the next President instead of John McCain, many around the world, including liberals/ pro-demcorats/ anti- republicans thought things will change. After all, this is the first black President (debatable) who has promised the world that ‘yes we can’. Continue reading

Death Penalty Watch – 128 awaits execution in Iraq

16 Mar

According to a latest Amnesty International statement, ‘Iraq urged to stop the execution of 128 prisoners on death row’, the Iraqi government is planning on executing 20 death row prisoners at a time starting from next week. Continue reading

Good ideas and lies

30 Sep

I was reading Club Troppo today, and was struck by a simple line that Nicholas Gruen found in the New York Times blog of Paul Krugman:

Good ideas do not need lots of lies told about them in order to gain public acceptance.

It was primarily talking about the Wall St meltdown, but originally referred to the selling of the Iraq War. The problem with lies is that you keep having to tell them to cover your tracks. With the invasion of Iraq, the supporters of the invasion and subsequent debacle never want to admit that the initial reasons for the war were false. They prefer to keep saying how the non-supporters never thought the war would succeed – and how we were against the surge – and that the surge has worked.

And then I read today that another bomb in Baghdad has claimed at least 31 lives. Gee – those Iraqis just do not know how lucky they are to have a surge that is successful, because I am sure that we would not be getting lies about the success of the surge.

Unite for Human Rights – May 15 – Special Post

15 May

Bloggers Unite

Given that this blog has committed itself to blog about human rights on 15 May on Bloggers Unite for Human Rights, we have picked some urgent issues to highlight the continuing prevalent human rights violations that are occurring around the world…

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