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Israeli attack on Gaza Flotilla condemned by UN Mission

26 Sep

A UN mission, established under the mandate of the Human Rights Council to look into the Israeli attack on the Gaza Flotilla earlier this year, has released a report condemning the former for violating various international human rights and humanitarian law during the interception and detention of passengers in Israel.
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Alice Walker on Rwanda, East Congo and Palestine

14 Apr

Democracy Now! has interviewed Alice Walker, a Pulitzer Prize winning, poet, author and activist on her latest book, ‘Overcoming Speechlessness’ tracing the human rights atrocities inflicted on women and children from Rwanda to East Congo and Palestine. Continue reading

USAID in Palestine – a form of neoliberalism?

28 Mar

According to Nour Odeh who wrote for Al Jazeera, USAID is planning to inject $153 million dollars into West Bank infrastructure projects this year. This is a significant increase from 2009’s $65 million dollars. Furthermore, since 1993, the US agency has pumped in $2.9 billion dollars into the Occupied Territories. These aid has gone into various sectors including youth and education; democracy and governance and trade and economic development. Continue reading

Questioning Singapore- Israel ties

7 Jan

This blog has been raising concerns on Singapore- Israeli business and diplomatic ties. In 2008, I sent a letter both to the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) and the Singapore government urging them to pressurise their Israeli counterparts on the economic blockade imposed on Gaza since mid 2007 (and is still ongoing as we speak). While I have since received a reply from Mr Zulkifli, the Senior Parliamentary Secretary, who had led a delegation trip to Israel, there has been no news from the AMP. (read the comments and letters in ‘Did Singapore raise the Gaza humanitarian crisis issue with Israel?’ and ‘Reply from Singapore authorities on their Israeli delegation trip’)

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Channel 4 – Dispatches – Israel Lobby in the UK

19 Nov

According to Peter Oborne and James Jones who made this documentary for channel 4, the influence of the pro- Israel lobby is significant in the UK. For example,during the production of this film,

… Many people who privately voiced concerns about the influence of the lobby simply felt they had too much to lose by confronting it. One national newspaper editor told us, “that’s one lobby I’ve never dared to take on.” From MPs, to senior BBC journalists and representatives of Britain’s largest charities, the pattern became depressingly familiar. Material would come flooding out on the phone or in a meeting, but then days later an email would arrive to say that they would not be able to take part. Either after consultation with colleagues or consideration of the potential consequences, people pulled out…

The power of the lobby has even extended to MPs who felt threatened to voice any doubts on Israel’s OPT policies:

… It was only senior MPs whose careers are winding down that felt able to voice what many MPs told us in private. One of them, Michael Mates, a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee and former Northern Ireland minister, told us on the record that “the pro-Israel lobby in our body politic is the most powerful political lobby. There’s nothing to touch them.” Mates added: “I think their lobbying is done very discreetly, in very high places, which may be why it is so effective.”..

Read the pamphlet html text from Open Democracy on the makings of this film.

Breaking Walls, Breaking Apartheid

10 Nov

Image from Al Jazeera/ sourced from AFP

To mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Palestinian and foreign activists have destroyed parts of the Israel’s separation wall in a demonstration. Using only a lorry, they pulled down a two-metre cement block before being attacked by Israeli security forces with tear gas grenades.

According to the Stop the Wall Campaign website, a series of international events, under the banner, “Unite Against Apartheid” from 9 to 16 November, would be held to protest against the apartheid wall. In Australia, the groups, Australians for Palestine; and Women for Palestine would be picketing against Israel’s Jerusalem Quartet at farewell performances around the country.

Palestinians deprived of water – AI

27 Oct

Amnesty International has released a report on how Palestinians are deprived of water in the Occupied Territories [click here for the lengthier/ more detailed report]. The report, which makes for sombre reading states that Israeli policies ‘are the root cause of the striking disparity in access to water between Palestinians and Israelis’. While Palestinians average consumption of water per person is 70 litres a day, which is well below the WHO 100 minimum litres recommendation, the average Israeli citizen gets up to 20 times more water per capita than neighbouring Palestinian communities (in the West Bank).

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