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European corporations criticised for workers’ rights violations

2 Sep

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has just published a new report on its website, ‘A Strange Case’ highlighting the questionable labor practices of supposedly law abiding European corporations in America.

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USAID in Palestine – a form of neoliberalism?

28 Mar

According to Nour Odeh who wrote for Al Jazeera, USAID is planning to inject $153 million dollars into West Bank infrastructure projects this year. This is a significant increase from 2009’s $65 million dollars. Furthermore, since 1993, the US agency has pumped in $2.9 billion dollars into the Occupied Territories. These aid has gone into various sectors including youth and education; democracy and governance and trade and economic development. Continue reading

Foreign Corruption and Money Laundering – A comparision of US & Singapore

25 Feb

It appears that banks have no qualms in enriching themselves with ill-gotten money as long as they are able to find legal loopholes. Continue reading

Anti-Olympics protests in Vancouver 2010 – protests and police reaction

18 Feb

In my previous post, I had mentioned that a broad umbrella of groups including those fighting against homelessness and indigenous rights were actively campaigning against the Vancouver Games by 2008. Prior to the event, they also documented the kind of damages done to the city such as the rising rate of homelessness and the erosion of civil liberties.
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Anti-Olympics protests in Vancouver 2010 – human rights versus corporate profits

17 Feb

Like any major international event, the Olympic Games have always invited censure from local groups in the host city. Back in 2008, Indigenous Canadians, the homeless and anti-poverty groups were already campaigning against the Winter Games. According to the former group, the government had no right to stage the event since it never signed a treaty in toceding  their land rights. The latter claimed that the government slashed and redirected public money on housing, health and education to corporations that profited from the Olympics. Continue reading

Exploitation of migrant workers – not just an Australian problem

12 Feb

The Australian Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) would be releasing a report next week criticising the current government for its temporary work visa 457 scheme. According to a Sydney Morning Herald news article, the union claimed that, Continue reading

Working Paper – Neoliberalism and its human rights impact on Singapore (Part II)

13 Jan


Since independence, the benefits of free trade and open markets have been promoted by the PAP and unquestioningly accepted amongst scholars and within the general population as a necessity given the city-state’s lack of natural resources and its small physical size. It is argued that free trade and a favourable climate for business in Singapore supports the local economy while safeguarding its national security. Some scholars have claimed that free trade promotes democracy in various ways such as increasing the level of education and wealth of its population who would then go on to demand an increasing voice and role in political participation and more accountability from their government. Nevertheless, the economic success narrative of Singapore which sees an increasing and more literate middle class appears to contradict this oft-held belief that free trade opens up political space. Instead, Singapore’s civil society continues to be dominated by the ruling party. Contrast to the commonly held-assumptions, this paper proposes that free market ideology and neoliberalism is a significant factor in the suppression of the promotion of democracy and human rights in Singapore. Continue reading