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NSW Climate Camp 2010

6 Dec

According to this SMH report, 67 people have been arrested in NSW, near Muswellbrook at ”Climate Camp” for offences ‘related to anti-social or criminal behaviour’.

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Barangaroo and overdevelopment?

1 Aug

The mainstream media has not really picked up on this yet but it is perhaps worth mentioning on this blog how large-scale development projects can cause the local community to sit up and demand for greater public participation. Continue reading

Students support stood down UNSW staff

18 Jul

Since the last blog post on UNSW staff being stood down, there appears to be growing support from the students. Continue reading

NTEU – UNSW staff stood down

10 Jul

SMH has reported that National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) staff in UNSW who have gone ahead with a results ban would be stood down i.e. their pay would be docked from the time when the industrial action began. As many as 70 teachers and academics have been known to be affected. According to the news report, NTEU believes that the university is trying to ‘weaken its hold over working conditions and reduce staff participation in important decisions’. If the action persists, it is likely that many courses would be affected when the university resumes in a few weeks time.

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NSW government on a microscope – all the good news in one day

3 Jul

According to the Daily Telegraph, ‘Animal testing experiments kill one animal every hour’, one animal is killed in NSW every hour for laboratory testing. For a period of 12 months, 8813 animals, including endangered ones have perished this way.

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A Sorry State of Greater Western Area Health Service

28 Jan

According to a latest Sydney Morning Herald report, a spokesperson for the Premier of NSW, Nathan Rees, said he was too busy with other issues when asked to comment on the sorry state of Greater Western Area Health Service (GWAHS).

The SMH ran a series of articles recently highlighting the financial problems these hospitals are facing. Continue reading

May Day Rally 2008 @ Darling Harbour

10 May

This is the blog’s 200th post and also the first online video that we have produced.

This clip is a recording of the protest against the Labor State government for privatising electricity in New South Wales (NSW). Held on 3 May 2008 outside the Darling Harbour Convention Centre, the speakers of the rally included politicians such as John Kayes of the Greens who is a Member of the Legislative Council (MLC).

Earlier this year in February, about 12,000 people are reported to have protested outside the State Parliament House against the state’s decision to do so (ABC news, 2008). Despite being voted against the sell-off of 702 to 107, NSW Morris Iemma has went ahead with his plans (Carty, L 2008). Treasurer Michael Costa is also at the centre of the storm of controversy for convincing ‘Iemma that privatising power is the way to go’ (Sydney Morning Herald, 2008).

The Greens have criticized against this privatization effort because private power can contribute to global warming, cause lost of jobs due to restructuring and increase costs of electricity to consumers (Kaye, J 2008).

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