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Wikileaks and Singapore’s reputation

12 Dec

A series of Wikileaks cables obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald has shown that senior Singaporean officials have been sending confidential information to their U.S. counterparts on their dismissive impressions of neighbouring states.

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A slice of history: SGX – ASX… Singtel – Optus

2 Nov

The recent kerfuffle over Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) bid to take over the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is not unsurprising. Continue reading

Relevance of Universal Periodic Review in Singapore’s case

31 Oct

In its report to the UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR), Singaporeans for Democracy (SFD), an NGO promoting local and regional democracy and human rights, focused on the city state’s electoral system, which it claims, is the root cause of all human rights abuses. While this is a commendable effort in drawing attention to the shortcomings of the electoral system and appears to coincide with upcoming general elections, its appraisals and recommendations may be of little relevance to the review due to the tenuous and indirect links between free and fair elections and human rights violations. It remains at best, speculative, that open and independent elections would naturally create conducive factors leading to human rights promotion. Moreover, the UPR is tasked to deal with specific human rights violations. As such, NGOs should have chosen to focus on these issues such as the death penalty. While Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights (UDHR) affirms the right of all peoples to representative government, this is not explicitly suggested by the SFD report. This article, divided into two parts, briefly describe the history, procedures, strengths and shortcomings of the UPR, before situating within the Singapore context.
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Slice of 70s history – Mass media consumption patterns in Singapore – other media and conclusion

14 May

According to this AMIC publication/study, the newspapers were generally trusted in 1976. It is perhaps not surprising given that the newspapers were less regulated than it has been since. In this Singapore Democratic Party page on the Singapore media , most of the government crackdown have occurred over an extended period of time. For instance, the two most popular Chinese newspapers, Nanyang Siang Pau and Sin Chew Jit Poh were forced to merge in 1982. In their place was Lianhe Zaobao (United Morning News) and the Lianhe Wanbao (united Evening News) operated under one roof. The Eastern Sun was accused of being pro-communist in 1971. In the same year, the Singapore Monitor was also forced to close down after the government revoked their permit. Continue reading

Slice of 70s history – Mass media consumption patterns in Singapore – Summary and Television

13 May

There are interesting revelations within Singapore’s not too-distant media history. This excerpt is based on a survey which was published by AMIC publication in 1978 to study the media consumption patterns of Singaporeans from the mid to late 1970ss. Continue reading

Singapore – worst polluter per capita

10 May

According to a recent study, Singapore is ranked the worst for its environmental impact on a per capita basis. Published at PLos One, the research studies 228 countries based on ‘natural forest loss, habitat conversion, marine captures, fertilizer use, water pollution, carbon emissions and species threat’.

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Death penalty in Singapore (2009)

1 Apr

According to the Amnesty International 2009 Death Penalty report, the Singapore government has executed one person in the last year. At least six have also been sentenced to death in 2009.

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