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Expect protests for G20 Seoul summit

6 Nov

Expect protests and counter-repression tactics during the upcoming G20 Seoul summit happening between 11 and 12 November. According to the NGO coalition, Put People First! Korean People’s G20 Response Action, which consists of an alliance of student, trade unions and other civil society participants, 200 foreign activists have already been banned from entering Seoul during the intergovernmental meeting.

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South Korea’s human rights situation (2008/9)

21 Oct

This short video documents the clampdown of civil and political rights in South Korea which began with the candlelight vigil against the conservative government’s decision to to lift U.S. beef import restrictions. According to a joint statement by ALRC, a non-governmental organisation with general consultative status, and FORUM-ASIA, a non-governmental organisation with special consultative status with the Human Rights Council (based on their fact-finding mission),

‘…evidence shows that the riot police deployed during these vigils are violating principles of international law in their use of such tools as water cannons’.

This film documents the aftermath and continuation of such repressions including arrests against union members and defamation suits against the press. It is a worrying trend that deserves attention.