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The Case for Income Equality in Singapore

15 Jun

According to the CIA World Factbook, Singapore is at 30th position in terms of the Gini Index. Calculated based on the Gini Coefficient, the list shows that the higher the ranking, the more unequal a society is. With a Gini Coefficient of 48.10 based on 2008 statistics, Singapore’s income inequality shockingly belongs to the some of the most undeveloped states. Based on this ranking, it is in fact more unequal in this aspect as compared to other developing neighbouring countries including but not limited to China (at number 36); Malaysia (at number 38) and Philippines (at number 40). Continue reading


Wealth Disparity in Argentina

27 Oct

In a series of reports on Argentina for its upcoming elections, the Al Jazeera news clip “Missing Out on Argentina’s Boom” reveals the widespread increasing wealth gap between the rich and the poor. This is despite the country managing a turnabout since the 2002 economic collapse, and with economic growth expected to reach 9% this year.

In reporting this phenomenon, she visited the province of Formosa and interviewed a Toba Indian, Marina Medina. With 12 children living in dilapidated huts, she complained that their houses flood when the rain comes. Even in a country famous for food production, the children are tiny due to malnutrition. The government provides a meagre lunch for them only on weekdays.

In another town, 300 km away from Formosa, Dr Lucie Adri told the reporter that tuberculosis, leprosy and the fatalistic Chagas disease is common amongst the villagers. 57% of the people living in this town do not earn enough to feed themselves.

In Buenos Aires, thousands of Argentinians live in slums, located in proximity to shining skycrapers.

As Lucia sums up in her report, “social inequality is a potential time bomb” waiting to explode.